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NEW!!! Brereton Descent Diagrams (only males with Brereton or variant surname) Just starting more to come!

This website provides resources to help you discover what is known about many different Brereton family lines and may help you discover which line your own Breretons are related to. Perhaps you can add something from your researches.

We aim to link you to the work on several websites where there are useful collections of Brereton Family Trees, Histories and Facts. This website, run by Bruce Brereton, was founded in connection with the Grand Brereton reunion organised in Cheshire in 2001 which was attended by Breretons from several countries.

The principal sections of this site, which covers Breretons world-wide, are: History - Inquires - Brereton Hall - Genealogy - 2001 Reunion - Resources - Links - E-mails - What's New is about the Breretons from Wybunbury in Cheshire which is where Alyn Brereton has traced his family to. The families from this area here form 8 separate trees and links between them are being sought. To see more than the top level page you have to request an invitation to view. The data has mainly been collected by Jeanie Atkins (nee Brewerton) who based a Brewerton study and on dna research thinks her line may be related to these Wybunbury Breretons. has results of the study of the Brereton DNA. It can show that two lines are connected, or prove they are definitely not connected. is where Michael Sandford has put his transcriptions of Brereton information found in archives. Please do contribute your collections. is devoted to the Norfolk Breretons and was started by Michael Sandford after the family reunion held at Little Massingham in 2000.

Please contribute your own Brereton information to one of the above websites. We will be assembling here an overview of the different Brereton lines on all the web sites, which may help you find where you may fit.

You may direct questions to any of those named above who are collaboratoring in this Brereton One Name Study.

Do you want to help the study, by joining the collaborators?

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